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I would like to thank Virginia for her great job. I contacted her few months ago with an important project. I had to prepare myself to apply for a job abroad. My points were to write an English resume and to be able to do an interview in English as though I could do in my native language. She has assisted me in every step of this project and I believe that without her help I may not be able to use my potential. I may not even know I have this potential. In addition, thanks to her professional experience, she possesses a vaste range of tools and knowledge which will be helpful to anyone who wants to improve his professional level and make his career grow.


Thanks to Virginia and VP Full Service. I felt more confident to learn English. It´s been 30 years seen I have stopped talking English. I tried differents méthodes to improve my English but they were all unsuccessful. Virginia and VP Full Service helped me improve my grammar and my expression. As of today I am capable of undestanding and talking when I travel. I am no longer afraid to travel. I really advice you to learn English with them. You will not regret it !


Virginia est une super professeure d’anglais. Elle donne des cours à mes 2 enfants. Ils n’ont jamais été aussi content d’aller à un cours d’anglais et je crois qu’il n’ont jamais autant progressé. Et toujours cette bonne humeur, constante chez Virginia, c’est vraiment très agréable. Bref, les cours avec Virginia, c’est TOP !!!