The ability to communicate on an international business level is more important than ever before. With VP Full-Service, you will learn the most up-to-date business language to help you stand out from the competition. Our American English language programs are specialized to your specific business sector: finance, medicine, justice, industry, computer technology, and real estate, among others. We can easily customize your business English program to your particular realm of expertise, with a focus on building vocabulary and rock-solid pronunciation for that big presentation. If you are looking to grow your business, we will teach you crucial networking skills for acquiring new clients and advancing your position in the global job market.

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Preparation

We will assist you in creating and proofreading a job-winning cover letter, résumé and professional LinkedIn profile. We will assist you with emphasizing objectives, skills, and descriptions specific to the job or jobs you are applying for now—all with an eye to future prospects.

Interview Preparation

We will help you build the confidence necessary to succeed in a job interview. Through role-playing drills using typical interview questions— specific to human resources and the department to which you are applying to— you will learn responses to win over any potential employer.

Networking Coaching

With our guidance you will obtain the skills vital to networking with confidence.  We will teach you the proper questions and dialogue necessary for initiating and maintain the conversation for any professional event. Build your client base and secure your dream job while building the confidence essential to interact with potential clients and future employers in the most professional manner.

Presentation Coaching

We provide assistance for advanced level executives who desire to perfect their pronunciation and build a level of confidence essential for public speaking. We also provide proofreading, memorization, and audience participation tools along with Q&A preparation—everything you will need to give that winning presentation.

Advanced Business English Training

VP Full-Service provides training for advanced level executives who already have an excellent level and comprehension of English, and want to increase their business vocabulary. These courses focus on specific skills, including: leading international meetings, contract and e-mail writing, conference calling, marketing tools, and management skills.

Intermediate Business English Training

We offer training for intermediate to lower level executives with a solid comprehension of oral and written English, who desire to increase not only their business skills, but their level of English as well. These courses will develop grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, while focusing on contract and e-mail writing, conference calling, and international meeting preparation, among other skills.

Basic American English Training

Devised for students in the absolute beginner to lower intermediate levels, we will introduce basic English language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and both written and oral communication, while continuing to focus on essential business vocabulary.


Learn English from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. All services are available through Skype/teleconferencing sessions, offering convenience while familiarizing the student with conference calling and telephone skills for any situation. Click on the photo above or the button below to learn more and book. Lessons start at $45 per hour.
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