In today’s demanding world, global communication skills are essential. To be able to work on an international scale, a certain expertise is required—your key to success—not only in business, but in everyday life as well. What is that key? English.

English is the world’s universal language, especially so in the fields of hospitality and business. At VP Full-Service, we focus on our own unique style of learning, utilizing an exclusively American English method, and developing programs targeted to your language needs. Our TEFL certified American native English professors will help you perfect your pronunciation and motivate you toward developing the confidence necessary to succeed in today’s global community.

At VP Full-Service, we create programs tailored to meet your business and personal goals, stressing individuality and motivation. We believe you should never have to settle for a generic, textbook-based program. We understand the demands of a busy life, so we make learning English convenient by coming to you. Our on-site/on-demand teaching service gives you the freedom to choose your locale and create your own schedule.

What’s more, our interactive website allows you to view lesson availability and book your own lessons, while keeping up-to-date with our exclusive English Technique of the Day tweets.

Follow our social media updates for lesson specials, as well as our own English networking events and other happenings around Paris. Have a question? We love questions, and promise to answer the very same day, any day of the week.

Our services are specifically designed for the hospitality industry, the business world, or individual English learners. We will ensure that—no matter your course of study—you will receive the proper attention to your individual goals and realize the highest rate of success.

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Virginia Anne Potratz
Owner and Primary Professor

CEO - VP Full-Service

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