Do you want to be a leader in the tourism and hospitality industry? Then let VP Full-Service help you reach new heights in your industry! With over 10-years of combined experience in hotels, restaurants and tourism, we understand the proper hospitality language and skills imperative to increasing your overall guest satisfaction. We will provide the necessary customer service training that will guarantee an increase in your sales while perfecting your customer service standards. Our specialized programs focus on every department, from back of the house to executive offices, all while adhering to your hotel’s specific standards. Your staff will strengthen their hospitality skills all while learning proper American English grammar, written and speaking skills. Complete an inquiry form today to sign up for one of our exciting programs to increase your sales for tomorrow!

The Cross Trainer

Every staff member should be prepared to jump in when help is needed. Give your staff members the skills to be a “Jack of all trades” and obtain the ability to work in every department, from the restaurant to the front desk. This program will prepare your staff to handle any unexpected situation to ensure your hotel keeps runs smoothly.


The Greeter

The front desk and valet staff are the most important employees in your hotel as they are the first staff members to welcome guests. We will teach them how to give a great first impression by providing a “Warm Welcome” and smile. Enhance the conversational skills of your front of the house staff and prepare them to be proactive in responding to all your guests needs.

The Tour Guide

Impress your global clients with our premier sales and marketing program. Your sales and conference staff will obtain the essential skills to increase sales while enhancing your techniques, marketing tools, tours and your social media presence. Perfect your staff’s fluency and pronunciation to bring the most professional service, creating loyal and devoted international clients.


The Caterer

Your banquet and catering departments are consistently in front of hotel guests, and need to be fast on their toes. This program is specifically designed for banquet, audiovisual, and catering staff that need to be prepared for every unexpected situation while learning the guest service skills necessary to create lasting relationships with high end clients.


The Housekeeper

Housekeepers may have less interaction with the guests, but when they do it is necessary for them to be prepared to deal with their requests. This program will prepare your housekeeper to provide a pleasant smile, a greeting, and the ability to take care of simple guests needs.


The Foodie

The front-of-the-house restaurant employees have one of the most demanding jobs. They need to be fast, impulsive and proactive all while providing a high level of service to your guests. This program will enable them to provide fast, instinctive answers, while preparing them to handle any situation—no matter how hectic—with grace and confidence.

The Executive

As a leader, you are responsible for providing a positive example for your staff. Learn how to perfect your English pronunciation and fluency with results your staff will admire. You will build your confidence and refine skills crucial to communicating with global clients. Gain the expertise necessary to compete in the business world of today—and tomorrow.

Hospitality Programs via Skype

Learn English from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. All services are available through Skype sessions, offering convenience while familiarizing the student with conference calling and telephone skills for any situation. Lessons start at $40 per hour.

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The Engineer

Engineers are the key to ensuring your property continues to run smoothly. Though their guest interaction may not be as frequent, prepare them to solve problems quickly as they arise. This program will ensure they can answer guest questions and solve any issues with ease.

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