VP Full-Service offers American English language courses to individuals of any age wishing to better communicate in English: the world’s common language. Our programs are built on a core of proper written and oral English, with a strong focus on authentic American English pronunciation.

Beginner American English

Looking to take on a new challenge? This program is designed for non-native speakers to take the first step in learning the very essential American English languages skills to participate in basic conversations and start their journey to advancing their level. You will learn the basic grammar, vocabulary and conversational tools to prepare you for travel, socializing and reading basic English.

Intermediate American English

Designed for individuals with a basic oral and written comprehension of the English language. This program focuses on enhancing vocabulary, conversation work, pronunciation, and more extensive grammar tenses, while continuing preparation for global travel and common situations.

Advanced American English

Designed for individuals with a high oral and written English level, along with upper intermediate to excellent pronunciation skills. This program focuses primarily on perfecting pronunciation, preparing for fast paced conversations, and increasing vocabulary with the aim of developing pure fluency.

TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS Exam Preparation

Take your exams like a pro! We will provide all necessary oral and written practice and preparation for your entry exams. No matter what your goals are or which school you desire to study at, we will make certain you pass with confidence.

Document Proofreading and Translation

Whether it be professional, academic, or personal, we provide proofreading and translation of any sized document written in English or French. With professional writers in our team, VP Full-Service can also offer creative writing manuscript and screenplay editing services.

Career Preparation

Preparing for a new career move can be difficult, but we are here to help. From start to finish, we will guide you every step of the way from résumé writing to your professional LinkedIn profile all the way through to the interview. Learn the necessary skills and build the confidence required to get your dream job, no matter what.

Children’s Programs

We at VP Full-Service aim to make learning English fun, no matter what your age. We offer one-to-one motivational tutoring sessions for all children up to 18 years of age. We believe that a creative, highly interactive environment provides the most effective language learning experience. Our children’s programs are not only focused on core written and oral communication skills, but provide strong pronunciation work as well. We keep the children engaged through crafts, songs, dancing, and games, while employing essential memorization tools for lifelong retention. Each program is designed with the specific goals of students and parents in mind, while reinforcing the child’s current school-based English studies.


Learn English from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. All services are available through Skype/teleconferencing sessions, offering convenience while familiarizing the student with conference calling and telephone skills for any situation. Click on the photo above or the button below to learn more and book. Lessons start at $45 per hour.
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